Terms & Conditions

Client Information and Agreement

This document briefly sets out our terms and what you can expect on the practical side of attending the Kingston Psychology Clinic. We will ask you to sign a copy of this agreement when you attend your first session with us.

If you have any queries or concerns relating to anything contained in this document, please do not hesitate to get in touch or ask in your session.

Fees and Payment

Fees are by arrangement and the full costs will be discussed and confirmed with you prior to your first assessment.  The current standard fee for self funding sessions is £130.  Individual insurance companies agree a set fee with their providers. All sessions are 50 minutes duration unless otherwise discussed.  Report and letter writing is charged at the same rate for the time taken.

Fees are payable by bank transfer or payment by card machine. You may be asked to pay for your first session in advance to secure the booking. At our discretion fees can be invoiced monthly and this can be discussed at your appointment.

Bank details will be provided to you directly.  As the ‘payment reference’ please include your name or the name of the person attending the appointment (if you are paying for someone else) and appointment date e.g. Payment reference;  ‘A. Smith 20.01.19’

Private Health Insurance

We are registered with all major health insurance companies and are eligible to apply for registration at all others.

Please ensure that you have received authorisation from your insurance provider and confirmation that your treatment will be covered before you attend any appointments.  Please ensure your authorisation covers you to see a clinical pychologist (rather than ‘counselling’ or ‘CBT therapist’ only, insurers pay different rates to different providers and we charge the ‘clinical psychology’ rate).

Please be aware that you will be responsible for the payment of any costs not covered by your insurer, such as policy excess charges or amounts exceeding your policy allowance.

It is your responsibility to check with your insurers if there are any amounts that will not be covered under your policy.

We will inform you of any unsettled fees and request that these are paid with immediate effect.


To book an appointment please complete the New Enquiry Contact Form on the Contact page. To have a brief informal discussion about your needs please call 07920 062142 or email

Appointments are available face-to-face, online or by phone, please contact us if you would like more information.

Cancellations & Charges

Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know if you would like to cancel an appointment.  Our overheads need to be covered and without good notice it is not possible to offer the appointment to another client.

If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, or do not attend the appointment, 100% of the fee will be payable.

If your sessions are covered by private health insurance the same cancellation fees apply.  You will be responsible for these charges unless your insurance provider agrees to pay.

We will provide you with as much notice as possible if we need to reschedule one of your appointments.


Everything you discuss with your therapist, and any notes they write, are confidential and will not be disclosed to any other person without your consent. Please see separate sheet for our GDPR policy.

Exceptions to this rule would only occur if:  (i) there is a significant identifiable risk to either yourself or others; (ii) there are issues relating to child protection; (iii) there is a requirement to comply with legal proceedings; (iv) you disclose criminal activity which it is considered necessary to act on for the protection of yourself or others.  As much as is possible all such circumstances would be discussed with you in the first instance.

It is good practice for us to share brief details of your treatment with your GP and their contact details are requested from you for this purpose.  However, if you do not wish for us to contact your GP, please highlight this during your first appointment and we will respect your decision.  The only exception to this is highlighted above i.e. significant risk issues.


As we are stand alone, private practitioners, we are not able to offer a ‘crisis’ service.

If you are having suicidal thoughts that you are concerned you may act on please call 999 or go to an A&E department.

If you need to contact us urgently regarding an appointment please call 07920 062142 and leave a message.

Useful Information

Clinic & Correspondence Address:

Cell 9, Kopshop, 6 Old London Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 6QF

Appointments & Clinical Queries:

07920 062142     

Administration & Invoice Queries:

Bank Details:

Bank details for payment will be provided to you directly.

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